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In order for your Twitter newsfeed to be as high quality as possible you need to be following not only the types of accounts that you are interested in but also the profiles that tweet high quality posts.

We've built a Chrome extension that adds Twitter Profile Metrics to every profile, this gives you such stats as follow ratio, retweets per tweet and an engagement score so that you can easily see how a profile is currently performing.

Not just that, we list which applications and automated services they are using to tweet from which can show you whether a Twitter profile is using automation or is likely to be a bot.

To find out more about the tool which scored highly on Product Hunt, we've written how it works here.

The difference between a high and low quality profile

Okay, so first of all. We love both of these accounts and they've been used as they are both entertainers. One is a very successful stand up comedian and the other creates music on the fly which is streamed to his many followers on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Lower engaging profile

Like we said, we love Jimmy, so no offense! But if we look at his profile through the eyes of our Twitter Profile Metrics tool then we can make a few conclusions:

Awesome comedian Jimmy C's profile

Jimmy has millions of followers and he tweets fairly infrequently, which is a good thing. Do we really want an account that tweets 100 times a day? That'll pollute our newsfeed.

The profile seems to get a good amount of replies, retweets and favorites too, it seems that all is good right? However, it's the engagement follower score which is currently rather low.

Engagement follow score is the Engagement score per tweet divided by their amount of followers, this is to help show how many of their followers interact with the average tweet (actual value is multiplied by 10,000).

This means that there's only a small amount of followers that are interacting with the profiles tweets.

There could be many reasons for this but one seems to be because the Twitter account is mainly used to broadcast upcoming shows and the comedians content elsewhere, such as Youtube clips, etc.

High engaging profile

Now let's compare that with a look at Marc Rebillet's Twitter account, or Loop Daddy as we know him! This is a musician who streams and performs completely improvised sets and built his audience online.

'Damn, nice job on your buttholl' - Loop Daddy

As you can see here, this profile has a lot less followers, 38 times less, however the replies, retweets and favorites are a way higher. The engagement follower score for Marc is really high.

It could also be worth noting that he only ever tweets from his iPhone, it's unlikely that any of his tweets are automated.

So why is this account scoring so highly? I think it's because so many of his tweets are specifically made for social media. You'll often see posts of his that are portrait recorded videos where he talks directly to his followers, as well as tiny clips from his streams and shows.

You'll also catch him tweeting more personal thoughts and ideas, this is not an account that is broadcasting, this is an account that is actively trying to engage and entertain - that's why it's a quality account.

Trash and bot accounts

Okay, so the Chrome extension has made it very easy to see what type of account you are looking at but it can also be used to quickly highlight accounts that are completely trash and quite possibly a bot.

A profile that replied to a Trump tweet

We quickly found this tweet by going to one of Trump's tweets and checking the replies, there are many accounts similar to this that you can click on.

It may already be obvious from the Twitter handle with the randomly generated number appended, it's relatively new created date, and other data points that this profile seems a bit iffy.

However, with our added profile metrics we can clearly see that this account is never tweeting, only ever retweeting!

Of course, we all have different use cases for Twitter. So what you deem a high/low quality profile could be very different to us. Extra metrics about a profile helps us decide whether an account is a good one for us to follow.

It doesn't only have to be fake accounts however, there are reputable accounts with really low engagement that you can see are nearly completely ran on automation:

This Forbes profile seems to only post out links to articles on it's own site. It never retweets. You can also see that it Tweets from something called Forbes Botstream which may be an automated tweet service which posts about any new articles created on their site.

Such accounts are arguably low quality as they tweet often and it's using Twitter as a broadcasting tool 100% of the time. You might be better just going to the profiles website and checking out their news content.


In the Twitterverse all profiles are not equal.

For those that are interested in using Twitter as a way to have conversations and engage with one another then check out our Twitter Profile Metrics Chrome extension to help you concentrate on the right profiles.

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