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Over 20k installs & a vibrant Discord community!


With over 180 rare eggs to catch can you become one of the top egg hunters in the game?

One in a Trillion is an odds based tapper game where you compete with friends and the community to hunt rare eggs that range in rarity of 1 in 250 taps, all the way up to the insane 1 in 1,000,000,000,000!

"2 days in and completely addicted! Loving the 2 way street on information via the social media. Collect them all from the safety of your own home!"  - Anita ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Increase your odds by playing the manic Tap Blasts mini game which simulate thousands of taps per second or try our Scrambled Eggs mini game where you try to pick the rarest eggs from a set. Then there are the dirty eggs, use in-game currency to add luck sauce for a bigger change of revealing a super rare egg.

Become part of our vibrant community, a lot of eggs are named after our players so join us on our social media channels and be part of the fun. Or invite your friends and play together with out news feed and stats leaderboards.

Progress through the levels and build up your wallet by tapping and selling eggs to be able to play the mini games which give a higher chance of finding the rarest eggs!

"We love this game, it's east to follow for non gamers, both relaxing and annoyingly addictive. Safe to play with my 9 yr old son. Love it!" - Mrs Wench ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

One in a Trillion is an actively worked on game by a single developer who is active in the community, feel free to get in touch and offer your feedback. The game will keep improving and expanding and you can be a part of it!

Come join in the fun and become an egg hunter, are you ready to tap?

Game features:

  • No ads
  • Over 180 rare eggs to find ranging from 1/250 to 1/trillion chance
  • Play with friends and the community with our news feed and leaderboards
  • Three mini games mean you can find each egg in four different ways
  • Game improving all of the time, updates weekly

Ready… Eggy… Go!

Idea Inspiration

It's a quirky game and there are many of these simple tapper/clicking based games out there but the inspiration for this game actually comes from a Math's class back in the school days around the turn of the millennium.

Our developer used to sit in class bored and with only a calculator at hand to fiddle around with, they'd type in '1 + 1' and then when you press equals, the number on the calculator would increment by one.

The game was to see how high you could get that number before the end of the class and when the calculator was put away.

Who would have thought Math class would be the inspiration of a silly game?!

Of course, that is a very simple game, to brighten things up a bit more we added the concept of the collectible eggs, something cute and happy looking. Who doesn't love an egg, right?

Another concept of the game is to relax and pass time. Have you ever been in situations where you need a low-level activity to calm and relax your brain, empty out all of those thoughts whizzing around? We have thought about this when designing the game, we want it to be a relaxing and escaping experience. Which explains why the game's background slowly changes colors as you tap away.

And the last key component of the game is odds. We've all heard one in a million, or that winning the lottery is like a one in x million chance, but it's hard for our brains to really comprehend just how big those numbers are. Playing One in a Trillion, you'll quickly find out that just catching a 1 in a 100k egg is so unlikely that you'll have to be tapping at your phone for days.

It's quite possible that no one will ever find the golden egg which comes around roughly once every trillion clicks!

The joys of creating

Creating things, any type of thing, can be an amazing experience!

Firstly, you have those moments where an idea starts to formulate in your mind and you get the rush of excitement! You just want to stop what you are doing and get right to it.

Warning! Having ideas when you're lying in bed will stop you from falling asleep anytime soon. XD

Then comes the process where you start building and the idea becomes a real tangible thing, and it mutates as you see things that can be improved upon, or just don't work as you initially thought they would. It's a lot of fun.

The best part of the whole experience comes once you get your creation out there, it can be a nerve wracking experience but it's ultimately where all of the best rewards lie.

We showed friends and family One in a Trillion and the response was awesome, from people getting hooked on it, to friends getting their whole neighborhood playing the game! Hearing about people finding value from something you've made is a wonderful experience.

But it's not just that, opportunities can arise. Shortly after showing the app to people, we had suggestions such as the eggs having backstories, and those people are helping write those backstories at the moment.

A designer friend of ours noticed a few issues with the design of the eggs, which yeah! developers aren't often great designers, Hah! They're helping not only to improve the design but also add a lot more quirky types of design to the eggs, which in turn will give us inspiration to write even quirkier backstories and increase the quality of the game.

Who knows where these working relationships that are being built at the moment will lead to.

From a very simple idea and game. To who knows, but it'll be a fun to find out!

To anyone who has read down this far. In whatever you do and wherever your interests lie, if you have the opportunity, get creating things - you won't regret it. :)

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